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Welcome to Srinagar Smart City

Smart City Mission was launched by Ministry of Urban Development (MoUD)Gol in which 100 cities were to be selected for Urban renewal and retrofitting with the objective to promote cities that provide core infrastructure, give a decent quality of life to their citizens and apply smart solutions to improve services and infrastructure.


Retrofitting will introduce planning in an existing built-up area to achieve smart city objectives, along with other objectives,.


Redevelopment will effect a replacement of the existing built-up environment and enable co-creation of a new layout..

Greenfield development

Greenfield development will introduce most of the Smart Solutions in a previously vacant area using innovative planning..

Pan-city development

Pan-city development envisages application of selected Smart Solutions to the existing city-wide infrastructure..


Under Smart City Mission envisions transforming Srinagar into an eco-friendly, resilient and socio-economically
vibrant city that celebrates its natural and cultural heritage creating harmony and opportunities for all.

Completed Projects


Ongoing Projects


Upcoming Projects